26 // 104 icons

[11] Borderlands
[08] Dizzee Rascal
[06] Jennifer's Body
[05] Kill Bill
[10] Mass Effect
[40] Monster
[09] Persona 4 (all Chie)
[10] Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
[05] Miscellaneous (Blade of the Immortal, Dorohedoro, Sylvia Ji artwork, Shitsurakuen)

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23 // 95 icons

[13] Claymore
[04] Dorohedoro
[13] Fables
[09] Mohiro Kitoh (Bokurano, Narutaru)
[25] Monster
[12] Skins (Series 3)
[09] Y: The Last Man
[10] Misc (Berserk, Black Lagoon, Blade of the Immortal, Deadman Wonderland, Loveless, Shitsurakuen, Tomie)

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21 // 96 icons

[09] Berserk
[40] Claymore
[08] Fables
[08] Paprika
[05] Vogue covers
[10] Y: The Last Man
[16] Misc (Manga no Tsukurikata, Monster, Otomen, Persona 4, Strawberry Shake Sweet, The World Ends With You)

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requests // not quite done

So, likeatruck and I have been working on people's requests since I made the post forever ago. We're still not done, though, so we decided to put up a post with what we've completed so far, and update it whenever we finish another request icon.

Under the cut are the icons we've finished as of this point; to see whether an icon is shareable or not, just hover! Fandoms used are all listed in tags.

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15 // 55 icons, 01 banner

[05] Batman (Thrillkiller)
[15] Blade of the Immortal
[03] Gantz
[04] Hyakko
[06] Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
[07] Misc (Berserk, Narutaru, Free Soul, Cute Overload)
[05] Monster
[10] Y: The Last Man

[01] Manga colouring (Hyakko)

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requests // 'tis the season

That's right: a couple of weeks ago greenonionicons got its 50th watcher! As a thank you, we decided to open up icon requests. 8)

The first fifteen people who comment can provide two images, and each icon will be done by both likeatruck and boudica, so you'll end up with up to four icons (plus possible variations). Reserving is absolutely fine, and images can be from any medium, though the higher the quality the better the icon will look. ;D

Spots taken: 15/15

Again, thank you to all of our watchers, and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it! ♥